Elchemi Education has been dedicated in empowering individuals with new media and technology to promote new methods of teaching, learning and administration since 2003. To come up with the best solutions, we work closely with industry leaders, creating valuable learning experiences that are both productive and enriching.

We provide schools with programmes for students to learn new media and technology skills. Our project-based approach encourages students to learn through problem solving as well as provide a final product as a portfolio.

For educators, we have a wide range of professional development courses that will enable you to incorporate new media and technology into your lesson plans and classes to better communicate in the new medias of the digital generation.

For working professionals, we conduct courses that are aimed at professional development that help you stay relevant and competitive in today's constantly changing environment.

We are constantly exploring new ways to integrate new media into education and push the boundaries of the classroom. Our programmes cover the areas of:

  • Basic operations and concepts
  • Personal, social and ethical uses of media and IT
  • Productivity and creativity through media and technology
  • Collaborative communication, new media creation and problem solving